Is Freemasonry the Old Norse Religion?

Areas of Scandinavian settlement in the Viking Age

Scandinavian settlements on the british isles
From The Times Atlas of World History, p 110


Balder – an Indoeuropean Twin-god?

Tree steps from a burnt grave. The remains of the ancestors was found just above the steps. From Stjørdal near Trondheim

Freyas Rite

Freyas Rite
Jonsok wedding in Voss 1950. Young man with hat wedded to Freya
Gullblikk, or golden symbols, Freya leading Candidate. First from Klepp, Jæren, Stavanger Museum, NO. Lundebord Funen, DK, p 71
Silver-Bronse-man w/golden rings around neck from Kymbo (Migration Periode), Stockholm, Historiska Museet, Gold Room, p 72
Kandidaten føres rundt i rommet
A warrior lead by Freya (to Walhall or) to Freyas shrine? National Museum Copenhagen, p 105
The Hall at Ranheim near Trondheim
The hall at Ranheim with four postholes and an altar. To the left the old Freyas house from before moved inside hall
Tekst The Shrine at Ranhein near Trondhein, excavated by Danish archeologist Preben Rønne, 2010. We can see the hall and the old four postholes in front. To the right the symbolic grave with two wandering rings around. The coffin had burnt remains of the forefathers